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Random Walks

·3 mins
Life is a series of random walks. Even if you walk the same path every day (in the literal sense), your individual steps on every walk you take are essentially random, and for the most part you aren’t even conscious of them because this is handled by muscle memory. When I say the steps are random, what I mean is that if you could precisely measure every step you take, where your foot lands, how much force you apply with your individual muscles to all the components of your leg and foot and torso and so on, the data would appear to match a pattern from a statistically perspective, but each individual step would have a normal random distribution.

Recency Bias

·4 mins
I remember when my first serious girlfriend broke up with me, which was decades ago. Her chief complaint at the time had to do with some recent event, the nature of which I do not recall, but I do remember our conversation about it. In particular, I pleaded with her and explained how she was clouded by recency bias, and focusing on the recent negative experience while forgetting all the good experiences.