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Random Walks

·3 mins
Life is a series of random walks. Even if you walk the same path every day (in the literal sense), your individual steps on every walk you take are essentially random, and for the most part you aren’t even conscious of them because this is handled by muscle memory. When I say the steps are random, what I mean is that if you could precisely measure every step you take, where your foot lands, how much force you apply with your individual muscles to all the components of your leg and foot and torso and so on, the data would appear to match a pattern from a statistically perspective, but each individual step would have a normal random distribution.


Try and Fail

·4 mins
I’ve long held the belief that it’s better to try and fail, than to never even attempt doing something. Along with a few successes in life, I have had a very long list of failures to my name. Here’s a story about one such failure. Christening Ursula, my canoe I was at a social gathering a few days ago and I had a conversation with someone about how I’d tried to paddle a canoe down the Mississippi in 2017.

"Can I Pet Your Dog?"

·2 mins
I get asked all the time by strangers, something to the effect of “Can I pet your dog?”. People see her, think she’s cute, and feel a sudden strong urge to touch her. Some people will just reach out without asking, but the majority of people ask first. My pup at the Union Square dog run in Manhattan I don’t object, but I’m not sure my dog always enjoys it when people put their hands on her, or in her face.