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New Blog: First Post

·1 min

I recently decided to start a new blog and rebuild my website. It’s something I’ve been planning to do for a while, and now, here it is. I’ve decided to publish on my own site rather than using a platform like Medium.

For those who are interested, the site is built with Hugo for content management and Netlify for deployments. Hugo is a fantastic and very quick static site management tool. Netlify is a great product for deploying and hosting a website from Git.

I’ve published a bunch of blog post in the years, some of which have got some traction, and I realize now that I should have published them under my own identity with my own website. So here I am, starting fresh. I’m also considering updating some of my old posts and republishing them here with new information, but I’ll see how things go first.

If you’d like to follow my blog, there’s an RSS feed available here.