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Always Be Learning

·2 mins

As a kid growing up, I studied music in school and played a few different instruments. One instrument I always wanted to learn was the guitar, which I never did because I could only play what the school had available for free, because my parents couldn’t afford to buy me my own.

You can buy one of these on Amazon, but it might be a counterfeit.
You can buy one of these on Amazon, but it might be a counterfeit.

I think the most important skill anyone can have is the skill of learning. Afterall, my belief is that the whole point of going to school is to learn how to learn, rather than memorizing course material. This is something my father told me long ago, and it’s something that’s stuck with me.

I’ve done many job interviews in my life, and usually when you’re interviewing for some specific role the interviewer tries to assess your skills and whether they fit the role. I like to avoid answering these questions specifically, and instead focus on the fact that I am skilled at learning anything. By the way–don’t follow in my footsteps–if you want to pass an interview you should tell the interviewer what they want to hear (which isn’t your life story of philosophy).

One fear I have is becoming stagnant. I find I’m happiest when I’m always learning, growing, and improving my skills. I like to be outside my comfort zone, and being in my comfort zone is something that makes me uncomfortable.

And while this is merely anecdotal, I also think that learning new things really improves your ability to be creative in different areas. Perhaps something happens in the brain when you make new neuron connections that strengthens connections elsewhere, but really we have only a cursory understanding of how the human brain works (which is in part why I’m pessimistic about most of the AI hype these days).

I’ll get back to trying to play Brown Eyed Girl, and hopefull Van Morrison doesn’t get too disgusted by my attempts. If you’re reading this Mr. Morrison, I promise you I’m not trying to ruin your song.